Local election: Havant Borough Council results

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THE Conservatives held on to every seat in the Havant local elections this morning.

Of the seven counted overnight, the Tories swept the board – seeing off the ever-present threat of Ukip.

Edward Rees, 22, celebrates after winning in Bedhampton

Edward Rees, 22, celebrates after winning in Bedhampton

Edward Rees became the youngest member of the council, winning the Bedhampton ward aged just 22.

He had a majority over nearest rival, Ukip’s Philip Melhuish, of 1,404.

The University of Portsmouth student has also just become a magistrate.

He said of his win: ‘I think Havant as a whole is seeing a whole new face of politics and winning this seat I hope to be at the forefront of it.

The count in Havant

The count in Havant

‘I hope my election will inspire more people to come forward and be more actively involved in our community.

‘We worked a really hard campaign and now we can reap the rewards of that.’

And he is hoping his success will drive the younger generation to achieve their goals.

‘I hope my actions speak louder than words and people just give it a go,’ added Mr Rees.

Tory Paul Buckley was re-elected in the Waterloo ward

Tory Paul Buckley was re-elected in the Waterloo ward

‘If more youngsters do go out and just try, we will see more people that the younger generation can relate to in councils.’

Dairy farmer Tim Pike was another new face, securing St Faith’s ward.

The owner of Northney Ice Creams, in Hayling, managed to whip up support with 45.57 per cent of the vote. He said: ‘I am really grateful that so many residents have turned out today to support me.

‘We have been saying we want to achieve for the people of St Faith.

‘We have run a very positive campaign based on a great track record from my predecessor Ray Bolton.

‘I am looking to bring my skills and experience to the benefit of local residents and to the community at large.

‘First is to get back out and listen to what residents want me to be working on. We have got a number of meetings that people have asked me to attend, in the hope that I was elected, in the next days and weeks.

‘I want to hear what they want me to prioritise. I am here to further their agenda, not mine.’

In Hayling East former News Businesswoman of the Year, Clare Satchwell, secured a majority of more than 1,000 over Ukip rival Richard Coates.

Ms Satchwell is well-known on the island for campaigning against the new seaside railway depot.

‘I feel really, really humbled by the results,’ said Ms Satchwell.

‘I have achieved a lot in my life but to be elected by the people of the island I love so much is just incredible.’

There were other new faces too – in Stakes where Diana Patrick won with a comfortable majority and Patrick Hughes in Purbrook.

Mr Hughes was 1,600 in front of nearest rival, Ukip’s Anthony Gundry.

Conservative stalwart Andy Lenaghan kept his Hayling West seat with a 2,172 majority.

Hart Plain, Waterloo and Cowplain will be counted today.

Waterlooville wards

The Conservative party painted Waterlooville blue as they held on to all three seats in the town.

Tories Paul Buckley and Gerald Shimbart both retained their seats as councillors for the Waterloo and Hart Plain wards respectively, and new candidate Narinder Bains notched up 2,367 votes to keep the Cowplain ward seat Conservative.

Mother-of-three Narinder is a community safety manager for Fareham Borough Council, as well as being the chair of governors at Cowplain Community School.

She said: ‘I would like to say thank you to all my friends and family that have delivered leaflets for me, and to thank our MP George Hollingbery for taking the time to support me in meeting the constituents of Cowplain.’

Ms Bains is taking over the seat from Marjorie Smallcorn, the current Mayor of Havant. Ms Smallcorn had represented Cowplain for the Tories for 13 years, but following a re-selection dispute, she stood as an independent candidate.

She said: ‘I would have been delighted to have won, but I never expected to. Standing as an independent is a gamble, and if I hadn’t been deselected I would have stood as a Conservative.

‘As far as I am concerned, I am a Conservative. I always have been and always will be.’

For the Hart Plain ward, sitting councillor Mr Shimbart won 2,541 votes, 52% of the poll, and kept his seat blue, beating Tabitha Smith, the Ukip candidate.

Mr Buckley retained his seat as a Conservative councillor for the Waterloo ward.

He said: ‘I’m very pleased and impressed I have increased my majority, bearing in mind that last time around we didn’t have Ukip on the map who could have taken votes away from us.’

Turnouts for the local elections was bolstered by yesterday’s general elections. For the Waterloo ward, 68% of the electorate cast their vote, compared to just 34% last time.

Tory councillor Mike Cheshire, leader of Havant Borough Council, said: ‘We came here to defend our seats, and that is what we have done. Next year, we need to encourage young people and people who do not think that their voice makes a difference that they are the ones who make all the difference.’


Edward Rees (Con) 2,339

Philip Melhuish (UKIP) 935

Ann Brown (Lib DEM) 595

Munazza Faiz (Lab) 545

Terry Mitchell (Green) 340



TURNOUT: 66.55


Narinder Bains (Con) 2,367

Andrew Boxall (Ukip) 1,019

Ken Monks (Lab) 545

Marjorie Smallcorn (Ind) 472

John Jacobs (Lib Dem) 332

Bruce Holman (Green) 240



TURNOUT: 67.53%


Rivka Cresswell (Con) 3,070

Alex Spurge (Ukip) 905

John Wheaton (Lab) 727

Vicky Gould (Green) 707

Chris Maple (Lib Dem) (669)


MAJORITY - 2,166

TURNOUT - 74.57 per cent


Gerald Shimbart (Con) 2,541

Tabitha Smith (Ukip) 1,092

Paul Dreczko (Lab) 649

Michael Bolt (Lib Dem) 334

Sue Dawes (Green) 230



TURNOUT: 64.19%


Clare Satchwell (Con) 2,488

Richard Coates (Ukip) 1,321

Susan Underwood (Lab) 598

Annie Martin (Lib Dem) 270

Paul Valentine (Green) 262


MAJORITY - 1,167

TURNOVER - 67.73 per cent


Andy Lenaghan (Con) 3,024

Wendy Coates (Ukip) 852

Alfred Underwood (Lab) 523

Paul Gray (Lib Dem) 318

Sue Holt (Green) 282



TURNOUT: 72.07 per cent


Gary Hughes (Con) 2,661

Anthony Gundry (Ukip) 1,060

Tony Berry (Lab) 668

Rosie Blackburn (Green) 319

Hilary Bolt (Lib Dem) 308



TURNOUT: 67.93 per cent


Tim Pike (Con) 2,401

Tim Dawes (Green) 1,148

John Davis (Ukip) 775

Philip Munday 569

Jane Briggs (Lib Dem) 376



TURNOUT: 72.36


Diana Patrick (Con) 1,955

Carole Newnham (Ukip) 1,101

Philip Pearson (Lab) 786

Ann Bazley (Lib Dem) 406

Lewis Martin (Green) 195



TURNOUT: 60.28 per cent


Paul Buckley (Con) 3,032

Tom Davies (Ukip) 1,134

Paul Fencott (Lab) 713

Fred Dunford (Lib Dem) 511



TURNOUT: 68.56%