Long queues for fans after ticket office moves

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Pompey have apologised after home and away supporters were forced to queue for tickets for Monday's match until almost half-time.

Fans were warned by the club to buy their tickets in advance for the Blues' game against Hull after the ticket office moved from Rodney Road to Fratton Park.

This meant there were only two ticket windows, where once there would have been eight. Hull City said yesterday that around 80 fans didn't manage to get into the stadium until after kick-off, while Pompey fans also had to wait up to 40 minutes to watch the match.

A Pompey spokesman said: 'We gave as much warning as we could, saying there would be disruption and to buy tickets in advance.

'After 3.45pm we offered tickets at half price as a gesture of goodwill. Both Pompey fans and Hull fans were mixed in together in the queue and they were fantastic. We would like to apologise to the fans who had to queue.'