Love Your Local: Meet the Landlord - Gloria Watson of The Jolly Taxpayer

TJ Watson, left, and Gloria Watson who run the pub. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (133558-5)
TJ Watson, left, and Gloria Watson who run the pub. 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (133558-5)
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Police to toughen up on anti-social behaviour

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HARD-WORKING landlady Gloria Watson said life was very different when she started out at The Jolly Taxpayer – but she loves her job all the same.

Ken, 76, who has gone away for Christmas this year, decided to make a go of things there after he came out of the RAF, where he was a loadmaster.

Gloria soon joined him behind the bar.

Gloria, who is originally from London, said: ‘Ken got a feeling for the pub as soon as he came in.

‘He was already working here as a tenant and then I came along.

‘I felt working here was the right thing to do.

‘We worked really hard, we built it up from nothing.

‘At first, the furniture was rubbish.

‘We went 15 years before we even had a holiday because we couldn’t afford it because we were building the place up.’

Gloria fondly remembers that she used to sell a pint of Whitbread Trophy Bitter for 68p, and customers vowed they wouldn’t drink it any more if it went up to £1.

‘Things were a lot different back then, though many of the customers are still the same,’ she said.

‘When you opened at midday on a Sunday, everyone would come in and the atmosphere would be great because they knew they only had a couple of hours’ drinking time before the pub closed. When pubs started to open all day on a Sunday, drinking habits changed.

‘Instead of coming out before their Sunday dinner, people started coming in after and much later in the day. You don’t have that rush you used to have any more.’