Love Your Local: The Froddington Arms, Portsmouth

The Froddington Arms in Fratton has had a revamp. Below, landlord Natasha Adelaide
The Froddington Arms in Fratton has had a revamp. Below, landlord Natasha Adelaide
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The managers of a pub that has been given a new lease of life say they cannot wait to see what 2015 will bring.

The Froddington Arms, in Fratton, Portsmouth, has had a refurbishment costing £200,000.

The pub closed for 10 days while the inside was made brighter, new flooring was put in and the toilets were given a fresh look.

It reopened to the public on November 21 and the majority of punters say the venue is looking better than ever.

Natasha Adelaide, 34, has been running the pub with her partner, Aaron Taylor, 38, for nine months.

‘We think 2015 is going to go really, really well,’ she said.

‘We have had the refurbishment, and there are lots of new customers coming in.

‘Over the last couple of weeks we have seen so many new faces, and a lot of others are coming back.’

‘We’ve got ska music nights now, because that’s what people want.’

The pub was known for its collection of Pompey and other football memorabilia and the couple are sorting through it all to create a more organised display.

The opening times will be extended next week so that it opens at 10am throughout the week rather than at midday.

A snack menu is also going to be introduced selling hot dogs and burgers.

It’s hoped charity events will be held next year, and the food and live music offering will be expanded.

Aaron said: ‘The pub is heading in the right direction.

‘It’s one of those things in life where you’ll always get people who say; “I liked the pub the way it was” – but you have got to change with the times.

‘Pubs can’t open their doors and expect everyone to come in anymore.

‘You have to show what you have to offer.

‘The majority of our customers, 95 per cent of them, are happy with what we have done so far.’

Aaron said an artist will be coming in soon to write Pompey-related quotes on a wall by the bar to add a bit of extra creativity.

The pub has also been running on the taps its own beer called ‘Froddy Fearless’ that has gone down well with customers.

Aaron said he was also keen on the pub remaining very much a focal point for the community.

‘We want to make sure this also stays a traditional pub,’ he said.

‘People come over here and everyone talks to each other.

‘That’s how a pub used to be.

‘We still want to keep the traditions.’