Love Your Local: The Golden Lion, Bedhampton

FRIENDLY Husband and wife, Richard and Lynn, landlord and landlady of The Golden Lion, with barman Dave Netley and chef Carl Jablonski. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122986-418)
FRIENDLY Husband and wife, Richard and Lynn, landlord and landlady of The Golden Lion, with barman Dave Netley and chef Carl Jablonski. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122986-418)

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Famed for it’s friendly atmosphere and well humoured staff, The Golden Lion, on Bedhampton Road, Bedhampton, never fails to bring the punters it.

Since taking over the pub in November 2009, landlord and landlady Richard and Lynn Jablonski have booted out any trouble-makers and given it a traditional make-over.

The pair introduced a food and a table d’hote menu, served on Friday and Saturday evenings, which is cooked up by their chef son Carl.

And the pub’s real ales were awarded The Cask Marque Award last year.

Regular Robert Reynolds, 45, from Middle Park Way, Havant, has been going to the pub for more than two years.

He said: ‘It’s a good laugh in here, you always get some good banter.

‘Everyone is really friendly and there’s a nice crowd that drink here.

‘It’s a social spot, and that’s what a local pub is all about.’

Punter Ray Alford also likes the social aspect of the pub, and pops in as often as he can.

The 74-year-old, of Ingledew Close, Bedhampton, said: ‘You get all sorts of people in here from all walks of life, and we all get on well.

‘We all talk to each other and we know that everyone’s going to be in.

‘This is the place to come – it’s the only place around that’s worth coming to, I don’t know what I’d do if this place closed down.’

But for some of the customers, the pub is more than just a place to drink.

‘It’s a community in here,’ said Doug Anderson, 62, of Redbridge Grove, Bedhampton.

‘We all know each other and come down here regularly, which is exactly how a local pub should be.

‘And the food is excellent, it’s not from microwave world as I call it.

‘Too many pubs are into “ding ding” cooking these days but it’s not like that here.’

Jim Birmingham, 57, of Ditcham Crescent, Havant, added: ‘There’s never any trouble in here because they keep the bad ones out.

‘So you can bring the wife and the kids down here and know they’re going to be alright. It’s a lovely family pub.’


HUSBAND and wife Richard and Lynn Jablonski make the perfect team, and together they run the The Golden Lion on Bedhampton Road, Bedhampton.

The couple, who live on Hayling Island, took over the pub three years ago and work alongside their chef son Carl, 24.

Lynn, 53, worked in social work for 20 years and Richard was a builder for most of his life until he gave it up in search of a change of career.

Unsure of his next move it was Carl and the couple’s other children Hanna and Lisa who convinced him to take over a pub with Lynn.

The pair signed the lease to The Golden Lion in November 2009, with the aim of turning it into a friendly family-run pub.

Landlord Richard said: ‘When we took the pub on, it was quite run-down.

‘There was no food and the former landlords didn’t care who walked in the door.

‘It wasn’t a very nice place to drink. Our idea was to turn it into a place that we would like to drink in.

‘We wanted to change the clientele so stopped letting in anyone under the age of 25 and stopped showing sport on the telly to bring the nicer people in.

‘We’ve stuck to those rules and anyone who swears across the bar is out.

‘Now the customers we have are brilliant.

‘It’s so nice to see people enjoy being in the pub instead of looking over their shoulder all the time.’