'Lyons has shown no remorse'

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Met admits undercover police officer took part in Hampshire fur farm raid

Paedophile Tracy Lyons has shown no remorse for her crimes, according to the detective that led the investigation into her crimes.

The Portsmouth mother broke down in tears when the police confronted her with a video of her abusing a child. But until she knew they had any evidence the 41-year-old had denied doing anything wrong.

Now the mum-of-nine is serving a four-year jail sentence for her part in a paedophile ring that met on Facebook.

She was jailed alongside the group's leader, Colin Blanchard and another woman Tracy Dawber.

Detective Constable Claire Vincent, from Hampshire Constabulary's Specialist Investigations department, said: 'She showed remorse at being caught I would suggest, rather than remorse for her actions.

'Obviously Colin Blanchard is a very devious and manipulative man that has managed to ask the right questions to find the right women and get those women to do these acts for his gratification but she was totally responsible.

'Although Blanchard had a power over her, at the end of the day she chose to do what she did.

'She planned the event before she carried it out.

'There's no doubt she is totally responsible for what she has done.'

Lyons, of Hewett Road, North End - who gave birth to her ninth child in custody after her arrest in October 2009 - had volunteered at Izzies Neighbourhood Nursery, in North End, Portsmouth.

Although police say no abuse was carried out at the nursery.

Lyons claimed Blanchard had pressured her into abusing the child.

But Det Con Vincent said: 'Some people, if they were asked to do something like that and they had a gun against their head, they would rather take the bullet.

'She didn't have any of that pressure.

'She had no threats. She was asked to do what she did and she did it.'

Lyons' case was all the more shocking for the fact that it involved women carrying out the abuse.

Det Con Vincent said: 'Certainly statistically we deal with a lot more men than women for offences of child abuse but this just shows it does happen.'

She added: 'I think it makes it all the more horrendous that she has got children and all the women in this case were mothers.'