M27 named in new report on UK’s worst traffic hotspots

  • M27 named as one of the UK’s worst traffic hotspots
  • Report finds traffic jams will cost motorists £62 billion by 2025
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One of Hampshire’s most congested and dangerous roads has been named in a report on the UK’s worst traffic hotspots.

Transport information company Inrix has identified more than 20,000 congestion pinch points across the country, including part of the M27.

The route, which runs between Southampton and Portsmouth, has been subject to recent criticism after a series of accidents.

People have complained that the route is too congested and drivers are not taking enough care when switching lanes, particularly between junction 11-12 where the road switches from three to four lanes.

In the report, which names Southampton as one of the most congested cities, Inrix reveals the M27 route west at junction 5 (Southampton Airport) to be the city’s worst traffic hotspot.

The figures also show that the city has 209 ‘traffic hotspots’ in total, and claims traffic jams will cost the city £451 million by 2025.

The study revealed time wasting in traffic jams will cost motorists £62 billion nationally over the next nine years.

The cost to drivers was calculated using value of travel time figures from a Department for Transport-commissioned report.