Maggot and fly infestation making life '˜unbearable' for Fareham residents

DISGUSTED Natasha Hurst says her life has been made a misery by a maggot and fly infestation in her flat's bin shed.

Tuesday, 27th September 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 2:42 pm
Overflowing bins at the Randel View flats complex in Bishopsfield Road, Fareham Picture: Natasha Hurst

It has happened because of a pile-up of rubbish in the bins which has not been collected.

Natasha, 32, who lives in the Randall View complex in Bishopsfield Road, Fareham, said that the infestation was a result of years of negligence.

She told The News: ‘It is absolutely disgusting.

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Maggots at the bin site for Randel View flat complex in Bishopsfield Road, Fareham

‘The bins have not been taken properly as they’re always full, so sometimes the binmen are just taking off the top leaving months of rubbish to just pile up inside.

‘A few weeks ago the council just did not collect any of the rubbish and then the maggots just came, which made it so much worse.’

According to Ms Hurst, after repeated calls to Fareham Borough Council, which collects the rubbish, and First Wessex, which maintains the bins, the housing association cleared away the mess.

This has reduced the maggot infestation, but the smell from the shed and surge of flies is making it ‘unbearable’ for residents.

Maggots at the bin site for Randel View flat complex in Bishopsfield Road, Fareham

Ms Hurst added: ‘I can’t go near it without gagging.

‘The smell alone is just so unsettling. It makes me feel ill even just talking about it.

‘All the flies are now coming into flats and making life unbearable for people. They seem to be everywhere.

‘The bins have not been looked after for years and this is what happens as a result of that.’

Matt Batchelor, property services director at First Wessex, said: ‘We are sorry to hear about the issues at the bin store at Randall View and take reports of this nature seriously,

‘Earlier this month, the refuse team at Fareham Borough Council were unable to empty the bins, as bulk rubbish had been left in front of the bins inside the bin store.

‘We attended the block of flats shortly after to clear the bulk rubbish and the council was able to empty the bins on September 22.

‘We will carry out a further investigation at the bin store and, if needed, we will arrange for a deep clean to prevent an ongoing problem.’