Major development plans are in motion

PLANS The Newlands land which Hallam Land Management has put proposed plans forward for.
PLANS The Newlands land which Hallam Land Management has put proposed plans forward for.
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Chairman of the Inform Fareham- Focus Group, Shaun Cunningham, gives the latest update on two major developments in the area

Fareham residents are waiting on news of two major planning applications regarding the Newlands and Welborne projects.

n Newlands

Residents who border the propose Newlands site will be aware that Hallam Land Management has submitted new development plans, while other residents remain in the dark with regard to the changes Hallam are bringing forward.

At present Fareham Borough Council has not received any amended plans from Hallam Land.

However, the company is currently engaging with residents around the proposed site south of Longfield Avenue, regarding the new development proposals.

Hallam is presently asking residents of South Fareham and Stubbington for their comments on their new proposals.

This public consultation will close on October 1, when the firm will look at the public comments forwarded to them.

They will validate the residents comments and rejig their plans, taking on board any public concerns, which may arise from the comments.

Once this is complete, Hallam will submit its new proposals for the fields of South Fareham to the council.

Due to THE scale of the amendments the whole process will rewind back to the starting line, with the council launching a fresh public consultation on the whole development scheme once it receives the new proposal.

Residents interested in finding out more about the Hallam Land Project should visit their website,

n Welborne

The next stage is for the key landowners of the Welborne plan will be to submit their development brief, outlining their planned proposals to the council.

The timing of the project still remains unclear, but hopefully it will come into effect before the end of this year.

I say hopefully because the planning documents should answer the many questions, which the current Welborne plan fails to address.

There is a lot going on behind the curtains regarding planning developments in the area, but be reassured we at the Inform Fareham – Focus group will be keeping a very careful eye on development issues here in and around Fareham.

If residents have any questions these plans, please visit our website and submit them there we will get back to you as soon as possible,