Make a message in a bottle for your peace of mind

LIFESAVERS The Lions Club 'message in a bottle' kits
LIFESAVERS The Lions Club 'message in a bottle' kits
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RESIDENTS are being encouraged to make a message in a bottle – but not for throwing into the sea.

The Fareham Lions Club is promoting an emergency information scheme in which people put together a form with personal details, emergency contacts and essential information about allergies and medication.

The bottles are then to be kept in what may seem like the most unlikely of places – the fridge.

Fareham Shopmobility manager Jessica Wooldridge said it was an excellent scheme which could save someone’s life – the bottles are placed in the fridge so emergency services will know where to look for them if anything happens.

Ms Wooldridge said: ‘It’s a great idea and so simple.

‘We should encourage everybody to be aware of them and how vital they are in some cases.’

Rob Armstrong-Collett, who is co-ordinating the scheme for the Fareham Lions Club, said bottles and instructions about how to use them were being given out for free.

Mr Armstrong-Collett said: ‘Message in a Bottle is funded by our club through our fundraising and embodies the Lions motto “We serve”.’

Fareham Lions started supplying bottles to Northwood Square retirement estate in Fareham earlier this year.

Estate manager Kim Woodford said she thought the scheme was an excellent way to ensure residents’ details were on hand.

Ms Woodford said: ‘I think that Message in a Bottle is a great idea and many of our existing residents have participated in the scheme and new residents are automatically given a bottle when they move in.’

More than five million Message in a Bottle kits have been distributed by Lions clubs across the UK and Ireland.

They are especially important for people with conditions such as diabetes, allergies, disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

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