Make sure area is well clear before lighting fire

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FIREFIGHTERS say anyone lighting an outdoor fire should be aware of their surroundings this summer.

It comes following two lucky escapes for homeowners in Fareham borough.

The first incident was in Gudgeheath Lane at 8pm on Saturday when a bonfire spread.

Firefighter Ross Merry said: ‘Luckily the man’s neighbour had a hose handy because it almost set fire to two very expensive motorbikes.’

The second was at 9pm in Seafield Road, Portchester, when a weed burner caught bushes, a fence and a tree alight.

Mr Merry said: ‘A weed burner is a small gas burner used to burn weeds out of the cracks in the garden path.

‘Because it’s been so dry it caught bushes, a fence and a tree.

‘They were lucky that the wind was blowing in the opposite direction to the house.

‘You must be so careful and think about your surroundings and make sure it’s safe before using fire.’

Both fires were quickly put out.