Make sure your water pipes have not cracked after the big freeze

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RESIDENTS are being warned to keep an eye on their water pipes in case they crack after the cold spell.

The recent cold snap which left many households with frozen water pipes could have the opposite effect as the temperature begins to rise.

Water expands as it gets colder and if it freezes it can put enough pressure on household pipes to cause them to burst at the seams.

Only as the weather warms up and the water starts to flow again does the damage become clear. The homeowner is usually responsible for repairing any leaks on the supply pipe running to their property under their garden and for the plumbing inside the house.

Dame Yve Buckland, chair of the Consumer Council for Water, said: 'As the weather is beginning to warm up it may be worth taking a couple of minutes to do a simple check for small leaks around your home. The earlier a leak is caught, the less damage it's able to do.'

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