Making the language of law simple for all to understand

LAYMAN'S TERMS In a new book Ruth and Nick Langford seek to simplify legal language
LAYMAN'S TERMS In a new book Ruth and Nick Langford seek to simplify legal language
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A HUSBAND and wife team has compiled a book which seeks to make the language of the English law system a bit more digestible.

Ruth and Nick Langford of Rowan Road, Havant, found that with the high cost of legal fees, more and more people are having to represent themselves and struggle to get their head around the terminology used in courts.

Mrs Langford, 45, who is a qualified paralegal in family law, has seen first-hand people’s struggles and this is where the idea of their book “The A-Z of Family Law” came from.

Having both been through the divorce process themselves, Mr and Mrs Langford realised there was a need for people to be educated in family law so they are able to represent themselves when going through such an emotional process.

Mrs Langford said: ‘It has been my mission to have readily available, easy to understand information about family law.

‘When you are faced with going through a divorce it isn’t just a case of figuring out all the practical stuff, you have all the emotions that go with it.

‘When people are faced with representing themselves it is important that people have the right resources to do so.’

With the book giving readers a simple breakdown of legal language, Mrs Langford is hoping the book will serve more than one purpose. The paralegal advisor hopes the book can be used by law students as a reference book during their studies.

With the ever-changing legal system, Mr and Mrs Langford want to keep on top of things and update their book on a regular basis. So at the moment they are printing to order.

The couple hope the more attention the book gets, the more copies they will be able to print in the future.

‘I think it would be a great aid for law students,’ added Mrs Langford.

‘It gives a comprehensive breakdown of all the words and jargon they are likely to come across during their studies.

‘We keep all the information in one file and print the books to order, which means we can stay one step ahead all the time.’