‘Malicious’ dumping of waste closes Browndown beach

The sign that explains that Browndown beach has been closed Picture: Ellie Pilmoor
The sign that explains that Browndown beach has been closed Picture: Ellie Pilmoor
  • Dog walkers frustrated as beach is closed due to hazardous waste being dumped
  • Browndown has been closed for last few days and will remain shut for near future
  • The section of Gosport shoreline is popular with dog walkers
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A SECTION of beach has been closed due to hazardous material being ‘maliciously’ dumped on it.

The Ministry of Defence has been forced to close part of Browndown beach, near Stokes Bay in Gosport, much to the dismay of dog walkers and councillors.

It is very sad that it has had to be closed by people acting irresponsibly

Councillor Peter Edgar

The shoreline has been closed since last week with signs saying it will be reopened as soon as possible.

Ward councillor Peter Edgar said: ‘This section of beach is very popular with dog walkers throughout the whole year. Even over the holiday period people are always seen walking along the beach.

‘It is very sad that it has had to be closed by people acting irresponsibly. The sooner it can be opened, the better.’

Cllr Edgar added: ‘Our waterfront in Gosport and Lee-on-the-Solent is definitely the jewel in our crown.

‘It is a great disappointment that it has been forced to be shut.’

Dog walkers have also voiced their frustration about the closure. Amanda Roberts, who lives near Stokes Bay, often walks her dog Milly along Browndown beach.

She said: ‘It is a nice patch of shoreline and has lots of dog walkers. It is such a shame some idiot has ruined it for the rest of us.

‘Why anyone would want to dump something there is beyond me but it must have been dangerous for them to close the whole beach.

‘It is just frustrating that we are affected because of someone else’s actions.’

Dan Rider, 38, from Gosport, said normally beaches in the town are clear of rubbish.

‘In Gosport, we are really lucky with our beaches being nice and clean,’ he said.

‘It is a shame that inconsiderate people have spoiled it for others.’

Another dog walker, who did not want to be named, added: ‘It is disgusting that someone would even consider ruining the lovely shoreline we have in Gosport. It is used by so many people but they obviously don’t care. I hope they are caught and face the consequences.

‘There is a rubbish tip not far from here in Rowner – why not just go there? I think it is awful that some people just don’t care about the environment and the harm they are doing.’

The sign on the gate leading the beach, which is also a training ground for the MoD, apologised for the inconvenience.

It said: ‘This military training ground is closed until further notice due to malicious dumping of hazardous waste that could cause injury to people and animals. We will reopen this site as soon as possible.

‘The MoD apologise for any inconvenience causes and are committed to providing a safe area for both military and public use.’