Man in halfway house died from overdose

A MAN living in a halfway house for drug rehabilitation killed himself by taking an overdose.

Paul Tripp, 33, died at Leamington House, in Earlsdon Street, Southsea, on November 1, last year.

He was found by flatmate Jeffery Griffith lying on the floor of his bedroom the morning after consuming a lethal amount of methadone and fluoxetine.

Mr Tripp, who was living in Leamington House while attempting to beat heroin addiction, received one bottle of methadone on a daily prescription.

Searching his bedroom, police found several empty methadone bottles lined up carefully on a shelf.

As it is not customary for staff of the Two Saints charity, which runs the house, to perform routine checks on medication, it is thought he had stored up his methadone supply ahead of taking an overdose.

Mr Tripp, from Bournemouth, was due to leave Leamington House soon and had planned to go to a rehab clinic in Oxford.

He was awaiting a diagnosis from a mental health expert after experiencing suicidal thoughts, anxiety and paranoia. He also thought he was suffering with obsessive compulsive disorder.

A diary found in Mr Tripp's bedroom told of the inner torment he was enduring in a battle against drugs and his undiagnosed mental state.

The journals told of how Mr Tripp had become reliant on flipping a coin for everyday decision making.

At a Portsmouth inquest, coroner David Horsley said Mr Tripp had taken his own life. He said: 'I don't think this overdose has been accidental.'