Man is rescued after getting stuck in mud

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FIREFIGHTERS rescued a man stuck in mud by digging him out with their bare hands.

The emergency services were called at 8.20pm on Sunday after the, man had tried but failed to release himself from the mud in Milton, Portsmouth, for up to an hour.

Firefighters from Southsea station arrived and, because he was so close to the shore, they were able to dig him out.

The 18-year-old was out for a walk when he slipped in mud at the bottom of Kingsley Road.

Jason Boh, a watch manager from Southsea fire station, said: ‘The male was up to his knees in mud.

‘It was very dark when we arrived. He was actually very close to the coastline, not in the water.

‘The surface was quite rocky and he was just walking along and slipped in.

‘Fortunately the mud was very soft and the tide had gone out.

‘Because he was close to the embankment we managed to climb across a ledge and dig him out with our bare hands.

‘Once we had got him out we administered first aid because was a bit cold and in shock. We believe he’d been in there up to two hours.’

Firefighters from Fareham and Cosham stations also attended.