Man locked two women in their Fratton home and threatened them in row over missing £480

A man has been jailed for false imprisonment
A man has been jailed for false imprisonment
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A MAN with a ‘deficit in problem-solving’ resorted to imprisoning two petrified women after money went missing – landing him time in prison.

Ashley Clayton, 21, was sent down for 20 months at Portsmouth Crown Court after locking the women in their Northbrook Close home in Fratton until the £480 cash was returned.

The money had been dropped off the night before at the address but by the following morning had vanished, prosecutor Philip Meredith said.

The women had gone out clubbing and returned with two men – one of whom escaped through a window when Clayton turned up, the court heard.

‘(Clayton) locked the door and put his key in his pocket and told them no-one was leaving until the money was returned,’ Mr Meredith said.

‘He threw a lighter at one girl and pushed the other in the face and threatened her child.’

The two-hour ordeal only came to an end after one of the ladies managed to text her mum who called police.

In defence, Alex Rynn said his client had the ‘moral fortitude to hold his hands up when others didn’t’.

Mr Rynn added: ‘(Clayton) regrets getting involved. He has a deficit in problem-solving – had he thought more carefully he wouldn’t be in this situation.’

Clayton, of Galleons Drive, Essex admitted two counts of false imprisonment.