Man overdosed on drugs just

A depressed 68-year-old man took an overdose of his prescription drugs in a desperate bid to get some sleep.

But he took so many that they killed him, a Portsmouth inquest was told.

The hearing heard that Richard Robins had suffered from depression for many years.

But at the time of his death it was the chronic lack of sleep which was driving him to distraction.

Mr Robins was discovered in a coma at his home in Justin Close, Fareham, and was taken to hospital in Portsmouth by paramedics.

But Mr Robins died in the intensive care unit at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, eight hours after he was admitted on March 5 last year.

Portsmouth coroner David Horsley was told a post-mortem examination discovered large quantities of medicinal drugs in his system which caused his heart to fail.

He was also told that Mr Robins had overdosed previously on medication lying around in his house in 2007.

Mr Robins's daughter Katherine Blakey told the hearing: ‘The main thing was his inability to sleep.

‘He would take a week's worth of sleeping tablets and sleep for just a couple of hours. But he was like an elephant - they just didn't have much effect.

‘So when it came to the next day, he just wouldn't have anything left. He would spend nights just pacing up and down.'

She added: ‘All the time he would just take too much medication. I don't think he did it with the intention of killing himself.'

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Mr Horsley said: ‘One of the dreadful effects of depression includes the inability to sleep.'

He added: ‘I don't think Mr Robins deliberately ended his life - he just wanted to get himself to sleep.'

Man overdosed on drugs just

to get a good night's sleep