Man pays off credit crunch debt with payout

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A MAN has won £25,000 in a postcode lottery scheme.

David Goldie, 55, from Fareham, won the cash after his postcode PO16 9EH was drawn as a winner last week.

He was handed the cash by People’s Postcode Lottery presenter and former Welsh international rugby player Scott Quinnell.

Mr Goldie said: ‘I couldn’t believe it when I saw the big shadow of Scott Quinnell at the door.

‘To win £25,000 just before Christmas is amazing.

‘I think I would like to use some of the cash to pay off some debts that we racked up during the recession.

‘It’s a lovely time of year to win, so that should leave me enough left for a really good Christmas.’

Mr Goldie has played the scheme for nearly two years.

Players pay the company £10 a month to enter in the hope their postcode will be picked.

People playing have raised more than £56m for charities and good causes in Britain.

Of this, £1,000 has gone to not-for-profit Squirrels Day Care and Pre-School in Waterlooville.