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A 30-YEAR-OLD man was rescued from his car this morning after it got trapped in flood water.

The man drove into 3ft deep water along Boarhunt Road, near Boarhunt, Fareham, at 6am.

He called for help and Fareham firefighters came out and escorted him from his Toyota estate.

The water came up to the bottom of the doors of the car.

The rescue operation lasted five minutes and crews gave the man some dry clothes before sending him on his way.

The man, who is from Southampton, had been travelling to work.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Fareham watch manager Ian Cambridge said: ‘The man had seen the water on the road and drove through it thinking he would make it.

‘Unfortunately he didn’t realise how deep it was.

‘Three of our men in dry suits waded through the water and escorted him out.

‘He seemed fine and we got him some dry clothes before sending him on his way.’