Marie’s popcorn treat for dogs

Marie Sawle
Marie Sawle

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MAN’S best friend can now tuck into a snack with a difference.

Marie Sawle, from Hambledon, has invented Popcorn for Dogs – specially air-popped dog treats that she launched at Crufts on Thursday.

The 42-year-old appeared on BBC2’s Dragons’ Den in 2012 with her company Billy+Margot. She secured £60,000 from businesswomen and dragon Deborah Meaden, and the business has gone from strength to strength.

Initially offering healthy ice cream for mutts, Billy+Margot now also offer venison treats with the new popcorn marking a year since the company’s launch.

The popcorn is flavoured by seaweed harvested off the south-west coast of Ireland.Marie says the seaweed is rich in minerals and vitamins perfect for dogs.

She said: ‘Dogs love popcorn but the stuff we humans eat is not great for our pets.

‘But similar to the ice cream launched last year, it’s about taking something that is human but really making it specific for dogs and a healthier version.’