Marine protection proposals applauded by Portsmouth charity

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PROPOSALS to increase the areas covered by marine sanctuaries around Britain and the world have been welcomed by a charity.

Portsmouth-based Orca, a whale and dolphin charity, has applauded the plans announced by environment minister Michael Gove.

But they warned better management of these sanctuaries is needed if they are going to work.

Sally Hamilton, Orca director, said: ‘I was heartened to see Michael Gove back the call for marine protection targets to be trebled, giving a much-needed boost to all marine life, and in particular the UK’s whales and dolphins.

‘The threats currently facing whales, dolphins and porpoises are more diverse than at any point in history.’

Marine Protected Areas are a banner term used to describe a number of different policy interventions designed to protect a particular species in a defined marine space.

Sally added: ‘25 of the 90 species of whales and dolphins found in the world have been recorded around the UK.

‘If we are to preserve this wonderful biodiversity we need to create safe spaces for them to live and thrive in around the UK coastline.

‘I applaud the government championing this expansion of targets, and hope it continues.’