Meet the Portsmouth artist who has recreated the classic car scene from Jurassic Park

A PORTSMOUTH artist has seen her redesigned car used in a promotional campaign for a dinosaur event at Longleat Safari Park.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 9:17 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 10:27 pm
Rebecca Perkins with her daughter Ella-Mae Stott

Rebecca Perkins painted and kitted out a £340 Peugeot 306 in the style of the explorer vehicles made famous in the original Jurassic Park movie.

'˜I am a big fan of the movies and my husband suggested the idea of designing a car in the Jurassic Park theme. I decided to put my own touch to it by adding the roof rack and even painting on the dirt,' explained Rebecca.  

Longleat Safari Park decided to use the car in their promotion campaign after seeing pictures of the vehicle which had been taken by friend and photographer Nico Martin.

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'˜The park got in touch and suggested coming for a video shoot before they opened up for the public. As soon as we went in all the lions gathered around us as we were the only car in the enclosure,' explained Rebecca.

In addition to the video the park also showcased the vehicle to promote their dinosaur themed T-Rex predator event which has been running across the summer.

Joining Rebecca for the visit was nine year old daughter Ella-Mae Stott.

'˜It was so cool going into the lion enclosure in the Jurassic Park car. It was a special day and the lions came so close and even started biting the car,' explained Rebecca.

Away from the safari park the design has certainly proved to be a head turner when driving around the streets of Fratton.

'˜My friends love the car. They have even asked their parents if they will redesign their cars. Whenever we go out the car always gets a lot of attention and people wanting to take photographs,' added Ella-Mae.

The Jurassic Park car is one of a series of design projects for car sales person and artist Rebecca.

'˜I have been painting cars for the last three years. Previous designs have included cartoon characters such as Sponge Bob and the Little Mermaid along with other movie inspired designs such as Buddy Christ from the film Dogma,' said Rebecca.

Rebecca's future projects include plans to recreate the the iconic 1980's ghostbuster's car and the teenage mutant ninja turtles van.

If you would like to see footage of the vehicle then click on the link below. All video footage is courtesy of Nico Martin.