Meet the landlady: Tracie Martin

LANDLADY Tracie Martin
LANDLADY Tracie Martin
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TRACIE Martin walked into Gosport with the clothes she was wearing and little else.

The 41-year-old, who was born in an army base in north Yorkshire, moved here in 2002 from Cyprus.

‘It was literally a pin on a map decision,’ she said.

‘I had never been to Gosport before in my life and I arrived here in the middle of the night.

‘I had no money, no possessions – nothing.

‘After a couple of years of being here and deciding I couldn’t find anywhere in the town I wanted to drink in, I took over the Barley Mow.

‘Now my sister runs a pub here too, the White Horse Inn, Bridgemary.

‘My 25-year-old son is here too and he works for me, so we’re a traditional family-run pub in that sense.

‘He was studying in Chichester which is why I wanted to move to somewhere around here.’

Tracie has been working in pubs since an early age but taking over the Barley Mow in 2007 marked a return to the industry after a 15-year break.

She said: ‘It took a lot of hard work to bring the place up to how I wanted it.

‘It’s a beautiful place. It was in such a bad state that I was able to completely start again and treat it as a blank canvas.

‘It’s nice to be able to start again like that. We have a great relationship with our neighbours.

‘It’s a community pub and it was sad to see it the way it was.

‘We look after people here. If someone comes in alone, even if they’re just waiting for someone, we’ll go over and see if they want anything to read or do. Sometimes we just say hello.’