Meet the landlords: Carol and Mike Frewing

Landlords Carol and Mike Frewing
Landlords Carol and Mike Frewing
Police outside student accommodation in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth on Friday Picture Ben Fishwick

Man arrested in Portsmouth explosives probe at Stanhope Road student block is released by police

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CAROL Frewing has been in the pub trade with her husband Mike for the past 27 years.

They have owned the lease to The Cormorant since 2000 but only started running it four years ago.

Before that they concentrated on The Connaught Arms, in Fratton Road, and brought their two children up in the pub. Mrs Frewing, a 58-year-old grandmother, said: ‘It can be a bit of a balancing act, bringing children up in a pub, and I don’t think they’d ever go into the trade after seeing how tough it can be.

‘But Mike and I wanted something that we could do together.

‘It is hard in the pub industry and I feel the government isn’t doing enough for us.

‘The smoking ban has hit us really hard and the government has not helped.

‘English pubs are so unique. There is nothing like them anywhere else in the world. Even though people try to emulate English pubs in other countries they never quite manage it.

‘The first thing foreign people do when they come to England is try a pint in a proper traditional English pub.

‘Pubs are a national treasure and the government should start seeing them that way.’