Meet the manager: Paul Saynor

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WHEN he came out of the navy there was only one thing Paul Saynor wanted to do.

‘I had always dreamed of running a pub,’ said the 58-year-old.

‘But when I left the navy after 32 years, I thought I would be too old to go it alone, so I enlisted my friend Caroline Taylor to give me a hand.

‘We’ve been running it now for almost nine years, and it’s been absolutely fantastic.’

Paul said he was aware of taking over a much-loved establishment, and decided not to change a winning formula.

He said: ‘I decided I wanted to keep it pretty much the same as it was, and that’s what we’ve done – apart from a new coat of paint or two.

‘The garden has been an ongoing project, and it has only been finished recently.

‘But now we think of it as our jewel in the crown; a little bit of the countryside in the middle of the city, and people are always coming in and saying they never realised what a big garden we have.

‘Even our neighbours got on board – and kids absolutely love it.’

Having lived in nearby Lichfield Road for 23 years, Paul also knows a thing or two about the local area and the regulars who come into the Rose.

‘The thing we try to do with this place is to make it a real community pub,’ he said.

‘We don’t serve food, just good drinks with good company

‘Everybody looks after each other; we have an old gent who lives nearby and when he doesn’t come in we try and go round and make sure he’s alright. And every Friday we take him some fish and chips.

‘That’s the kind of thing that can make pubs worthwhile.’