Mentoring is a great way to have a lasting impact on an individual and the wider community

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Chloe Ellis from Portsmouth Together talks about the youth mentoring opportunities available at Catch 22

Mentoring a young person can have a huge impact on their life, helping them to develop their personal skills and confidence.

Catch22 is a forward-looking social business with more than 200 years’ experience of providing public services that help people turn their lives around.

Their Work Ready programme offers young people aged 16 to 24, many of whom are vulnerable, the opportunity to gain the necessary skills to secure employment or an apprenticeship through personalised support – and they now offer young people their own mentor.

Mentoring is not typically thought of when you first think about volunteering.

It consists of an invaluable person taking their time to invest in another person’s success.

You can give young people the benefit of your unique insight and experiences of the world of work.

Mentoring is a great way to have a lasting impact on an individual and the wider community.

Zoe Hetherington-Wilkes, volunteer coordinator for Catch22 in Portsmouth, said: ‘We have found there is a strong need to offer additional support for our learners to help them gain, and more importantly, sustain their job or apprenticeship.’

This is a new project launched by Catch22 who are seeking volunteers to mentor young people for one to six hours each week.

Zoe added: ‘Ideally we are looking for people aged 18 to 30. However, we are interested in recruiting volunteers from all walks of life. If they have the passion, enthusiasm and willingness to support a young person then we want to hear from them.’

Many people will agree that having a mentor is a great way to progress as an individual but there are also many reasons why you should think about being a mentor.

The people you mentor will ask questions that you have never considered before and through your conversations it will challenge you to articulate your own perspective.

Not only do they learn from you, but you learn from them and benefit from their unique perspective on life.

Catch22 have already received a strong response since the project began.

Now they want to source a range of mentors, to pair people with similar personalities and interests to create the best working relationship and help young people to reach their full potential.

If you would like to volunteer, for more information visit the website