MIKE PARKER: Thriller twists from Gosport to Africa

I was born in Priory Road, Gosport, in 1947, next door to the famous Moby House.

Tuesday, 1st November 2016, 9:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 4:35 pm
Author Mike Parker whoe writes under the pseudonym of Charles GP Kramer. His latest book is What Did EyeE See?

Leaving home at the age of 15, I joined the army as an apprentice and have been involved in the field of weapons ever since.

I then joined what was known as the RNAD working on the conventional torpedo and then on to guided weapons.

What Did Eye See is my fourth book and the second in the series of three, with the third one due in the autumn of 2017.

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I have also written an autobiography and a children’s book about a little bear called Douglas.

Gosport has been my home throughout my life and I have served the community as a local councillor for eight years – four in Bridgemary and four years in Hardway/Forton.

And I’ve also served as a governor at St John’s School.

I have been married to Sue for 44 years and we have three children and five grandchildren.

My latest novel sees George O’Rourke running through Anne’s Hill Cemetery one summer evening. He has unknowingly witnessed an event which led to someone trying to kill him.

A second attempt is made on the lives of both him and his wife which prompts them to go into hiding.

They catch the Isle of Wight car ferry early one morning and when it’s time to disembark, their car is still there but there is no sign of the O’Rourkes.

George has been de-mobbed from the UK Special Forces and, together with some of his old colleagues, they discover links to a West African billionaire called Afolabi Okorie.

Okorie is planning an outrageous theft from the British Museum, while at the same time unleashing a terror attack on the streets of London as a distraction.

To buy a copy of the book, go online to amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com/s/uk.

Mike Parker is an author from Gosport who writes under the pen name Charles GP Kramer. His latest novel is What Did Eye See