Mike says goodbye to ponytail to raise cash in son’s honour

HAIRCUT HERO Mike Roantree-Roesch with seven-year-old son Alex. Picture: Sarah Standing (122801-3242)
HAIRCUT HERO Mike Roantree-Roesch with seven-year-old son Alex. Picture: Sarah Standing (122801-3242)
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WHEN Mike Roantree-Roesch discovered that his seven-year-old son had suffered a stroke it came as a huge shock.

Now he is going to have his long ponytail chopped off in a bid to raise money for the charity Different Strokes.

Alex Roantree-Roesch, of Coronado Road in Gosport, was found by his dad on their living room floor after he collapsed just days before Christmas last year.

Doctors said the stroke had been brought on by a bout of chickenpox he had been suffering from.

He spent weeks in hospital recovering and had to undergo physiotherapy as a form of rehabilitation.

Mike will have his hair cut as part of a fundraising day next Friday.

He said it was a tough few weeks for the family when Alex was ill.

‘The only upside was that he was still alive,’ he said.

‘I couldn’t imagine anything worse that could have happened.

‘He’s recovering now. Apart from his right hand he’s pretty much the same now. His personality is back to how it was.

‘This seemed to be the easiest way for people that know me to give me some money.

‘We got a lot of advice and support from people from the charity.

‘So it just seemed like a really meaningful cause.

‘I don’t think anyone that I’m in contact with now has ever seen me with short hair.’

And Mike said his relationship with his son has grown stronger since his illness.

‘He’s my little boy.

‘Maybe it did make me realise how much he meant to me,’ he said.

Alex’s mum Angela, 34, said: ‘I think it’s pretty amazing really.

‘I know every dad loves their kids unconditionally but watching Mike with Alex now they are definitely closer. I just think it’s really nice what Mike wants to do.

‘I have never known Mike with short hair. His mum can’t even remember him with short hair.

‘Alex is pretty proud of his dad.’

Alex added: ‘I think it’s a good idea that daddy is going to get his hair cut.’

Mike will be donating his hair to the Little Princess Trust which donates hair to help children suffering from cancer who have lost their hair due to treatment.

To support Mike and to make a donation please visit bmycharity.com/miker.