Mixed reaction to supermarket plan at Gosport’s waterfront

REDEVELOPMENT An artist's impression of how the proposed Aldi would look
REDEVELOPMENT An artist's impression of how the proposed Aldi would look

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PEOPLE living and working near the site of a proposed £15m development at Gosport’s waterfront have a mixed reaction to the plans.

As reported on Friday, developers want to build an Aldi shop at Mumby Road, along with a commercial unit and 48 homes.

But people in the area have concerns about traffic and councillors are disappointed the plans were cut back.

Councillor Diane Searle represents Town ward at Gosport Borough Council.

She said she is disappointed the number of jobs were reduced from 180 to 40.

She said: ‘I don’t mind an Aldi but I think we should have more employment.

‘Why don’t they put it on the old MoD land opposite the Premier Inn?

‘I don’t mind a supermarket but not a prime waterfront site taken for that.’

Cllr Searle added she wants to see a cinema and hotel included as part of the waterfront regeneration.

As reported, a 75-bed hotel and 150 homes were originally planned for the site.

That outline plan was approved in May last year.

But the detailed plan was scaled back and the 48 homes need a further application.

Teresa Kirby is the landlady of the Clarence Tavern, a short walk away from the site, which is encircled by Harbour Road and Mumby Road.

She is concerned about increased traffic in the area with the new supermarket.

She said: ‘It’s just the traffic, they need to do something. It’s a nightmare.

‘More people are going to be down here – but then more people in this end of town are going to come into the pub.’

A survey submitted with the plans says every day 5,800 vehicles drive past what will be the main site entrance.

It adds the plans will not have a detrimental effect on the roads or on road safety.

Other residents have contacted The News saying the town does not need another supermarket.

Councillor June Cully also represents Town ward.

She had initial concerns about access to the site near Minnitt Road.

She said: ‘A hotel would have been a good idea in that area. We have a lot of people who might want to visit.

‘I do appreciate their business reasons. It’s a knock-back in the employment side which we’re desperate for in Gosport. It all depends on what they put alongside it and what we can deliver elsewhere in the town area.’