More breweries becoming eco-friendly according to Campaign for Real Ale

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MORE breweries than ever before are ‘going green’ in a bid to protect the environment, according to the Campaign for Real Ale.

The action group says companies are doing everything from fitting solar panels, recycling grain into animal feed to filtering waste water through environmentally friendly reed beds.

Camra Good Beer Guide editor Roger Protz said: ‘This is encouraging news.

‘Brewers take the finest raw materials from the land in the form of grain, hops and water and now a growing number are ‘putting something back’ by recycling.

‘In a number of cases, used grain and hops are sent to farms as animal feed while power for brewing is supplied by solar panels and biomass boilers, while water is cleaned and reused.’

Malcolm Irving, pictured, owner of Portsmouth’s Irving & Co Brewery, said it’s an industry that has always sought to be eco-friendly - and his company doesn’t waste a lot

He said: ‘The beers in this country are used with ingredients grown in the UK in most cases.

‘If you pick up a beer glass, it’s washed and reused, and the cask it comes from is washed and reused.

‘Considering all of the beer we produce, we only produce one black sack of rubbish a week, and things like pallets, cardboard and wood we recycle.’

In August, Warwickshire firm Purity Brewing was named Sustainable Manufacturer of the Year.

Used grains and hops are used as animal feed and it uses an eco-filtering system.