More rain causes road closures in flood-hit Hampshire village

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ROADS have become rivers as flooding misery continues for villagers.

The main roads through Hambledon were closed after the weekend’s rain led to a sharp rise in groundwater levels.

UNDER WATER Flooding worsened in Hambledon after the weekend's rain. Picture: Marcin Jedrysiak

UNDER WATER Flooding worsened in Hambledon after the weekend's rain. Picture: Marcin Jedrysiak

Officials from Hampshire County Council have been manning barriers and only letting through flood response workers and residents.

Neighbours are rallying round to make sure everyone is safe.

Sandbags and round-the-clock pumping has stopped most homes being inundated.

But a power cut for almost five hours on Saturday night after the storm damaged power lines meant some of the pumps stopped working, but villagers managed to stop properties being flooded.

Colin Trickett, 73, was wading through the fast-flowing water yesterday with shopping bags.

He said: ‘We have been through it three or four times, so you get used to it.

‘But you find it takes over. The only thing you can think about is getting in and out of your house. We’re just going to be glad when it’s all over.’

Any vehicles have been advised to travel at 5mph as the waves from a passing car can flood homes.

Jayne Rose, who works as a cook at The Vine pub, said: ‘I have been going to work each day by car but last night when I went home it was chuntering as if water had got into the engine.

‘It’s not running as it should. It’s horrible because you have battle with it each day.’

James King, one of the wardens for Hambledon Flood Action Group, said: ‘The situation is stable at the moment.

‘We were told the water level in the borehole has gone down slightly. The water level in the street seems to be a little bit less than it was, but with heavy rain overnight, there’s nowhere else for it to go and it comes up very quickly.’

He added: ‘Everybody is helping everybody else, particularly the vulnerable. There’s a certain amount of the Dunkirk spirit about it.’

A spokesman for Southern Electric said: ‘We’d like to apologise to the residents of Hambledon for the power cut which affected part of their village on Saturday evening and offer our assurances that we are committed to keeping the lights on at all times. At yesterday’s meeting of the local Emergency Planning Group, we stressed our commitment to helping the local community during this very difficult time.’

He said they were looking to provide a temporary generator for the village in case there were any network problems.