More stormy weather predicted over Portsmouth area

Flowers laid in tribute outside the multi-storey car park on Osborn Road, Fareham

Flowers for boy who died near car park

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FOLLOWING last night’s extreme storm over the Portsmouth area, experts are now predicting more severe weather tonight.

Lightning and thunder lashed the region last night in one of the fiercest electrical storms in recent memory.

A picture of last night's storm taken by Jessica Clare

A picture of last night's storm taken by Jessica Clare

The storm set in around 1am, with heavy rain and thunder echoing through the clouds every few seconds.

Residents of the Portsmouth region will have until the weekend is over for relief from the severe weather.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning of heavy, thundery showers in the area - meaning the public are urged to ‘be aware.’

The Met predicts muggy conditions and possible torrential downpours with frequent lightning and possible flooding.

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