MP demands answers on future of the navy

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Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage has pressed the Ministry of Defence on the need for a 'strong and capable navy'.

In the House of Commons, Ms Dinenage asked Liam Fox, the secretary of state for defence, whether it was wise to cut the navy in light of developments in North and South Korea.

Dr Fox said the Strategic Defence and Security Review had made Afghanistan the main military aim of Britain until 2015 and that aim would not be affected by the cuts.

The defence minister did not address Ms Dinenage's concerns about what affect the depletion of naval forces may play in the future.

After the debate, Ms Dinenage said: 'It is important that everyone understands the huge importance of a strong and capable navy in order to play our role on the world stage. During the recent events in North Korea the US first response was to deploy an aircraft carrier to the region, it demonstrates how these ships still have a vital part to play in promoting security and diplomacy around the globe.'