MP praises work by Barclay House volunteers

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VOLUNTEERS at a temporary housing shelter showed off their flourishing vegetable plot to their local MP.

Caroline Dinenage visited the helpers at Barclay House, in Trinity Green, Gosport, to see the results of their work.

The house is a council-run facility, that provides temporary shelter to families who find themselves without accommodation.

The garden plot was introduced by one of the residents, Lorraine Brownsea, who wanted to use the open space as a way to get the residents working together, manage stress and give them a new skill.

The plot was designed to provide the fresh produce for all the residents of Barclay House.

Ms Dinenage praised the work of the volunteers and was inspired by what they were doing.

Ms Dineage said: ‘This is a brilliant project which encourages people 
facing difficult times to get involved with community activities and build support networks with their fellow residents.’