MP spends time with armed forces abroad in recess

AN MP spent a week with armed forces personnel.

Friday, 10th August 2018, 8:23 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 8:21 pm

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan visited the British Forces base in Cyprus.

He was given a tour of the base, observed a live training exercise and spoke to army personnel about their experiences.

Mr Morgan had travelled to Dhekalia to meet with soldiers from the 2nd Royal Anglians.

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He said: '˜It was really useful to see first-hand the excellent work being done by our armed forces in Cyprus, especially in taking the fight to Islamic State with Operation Shader.

'˜It was an honour to meet so many hard-working personnel and listen to their experiences in service '“ I will be taking what I learned in Cyprus back to the House of Commons, so I can continue to speak with authenticity on issues affecting our forces personnel.

'˜I'll always be a strong voice for our armed forces in parliament.

'˜I want to thank everyone who looked after us during the visit. It was great to spend time alongside such hard working and talented individuals.'

Mr Morgan stayed and dined in barracks alongside men and women all week.

The Portsmouth MP spent the week finding out more about the daily life of service personnel, visiting the local health and family welfare services as well as various charities.

He also visited the United Nations Protected Area.


  Mr Morgan also spent part of the week at RAF Akrotiri to discuss Operation Shader, the UK forces' work as part of the international coalition taking military action against so-called Islamic State.