MPs outraged at the PM’s change of heart

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POLITICIANS have reacted with anger to David Cameron’s apparent U-turn on a medal for Arctic Convoy veterans.

Gosport MP Caroline Dinenage, who asked the parliamentary question which elicited David Cameron’s support for the medal campaign in January, said: ‘I thought it was pretty refreshing in January when the Prime Minister was willing to look at this again. But it appears he’s been pressured by the MoD on this erroneous belief the Arctic Convoy veterans have already got a medal.

‘Time is not on our side. If we are going to recognise these brave men while they are still around to receive the recognition they deserve we’ve got to do it soon. It never fails to disappoint me how we haven’t done this already.’

Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South, who has supported the veterans in parliament for many years, said: ‘This is exactly the same fob-off we’ve always had. It’s an absolute disgrace. Cameron promised to do something and he’s reneged on it.’

Portsmouth North MP Penny Mordaunt said: ‘What the PM has said in his letter is a classic lift from information which we know is incorrect. He needs to be taking up more of a personal role on this.’