Mum angered as son is ‘stranded’ by train firms

Catherine Herbert
Catherine Herbert
Police are investigating the incidents

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MUM Catherine Herbert says her 15-year-old son Richard was left stranded because of a row between two train companies.

The youngster catches the train from home in Emsworth to school in Fareham each morning and got straight on intending to buy a ticket from the conductor.

The guard didn’t have any change for a £10 note and told him to get it from the ticket office in Fareham.

But when he got off at Fareham, Richard was told that because trains from Emsworth are run Southern Railway and Fareham station is run by South West Trains he could not get the change.

Catherine said: ‘Richard has to get the train into school because his school is in Fareham.

‘The man told him that because he had purchased his ticket from a different company to themselves, they couldn’t give him the change that another firm owed him.’

But without receiving his change, Catherine says her son was left stranded, although he was given a receipt saying no change had been given.

She added: ‘He had no money at all so he was stranded.

‘He couldn’t buy lunch, he couldn’t get home if he needed to in an emergency.

‘I was not impressed especially as his receipt proved he wasn’t lying.

‘I don’t understand how the conductor can tell him they will give him change.

‘Surely he would have known it was another firm and they might have refused him?

‘I had to drive to his school to give him lunch money so I might as well have dropped him off.’

A spokeswoman from Southern Railway said: ‘Our conductors can issue a voucher if they don’t have the correct change but these are only redeemable at Southern stations.

‘We are sorry for any inconvenience and we will look into the details of this further and get in touch with Miss Herbert.’

A spokesman for South West Trains said it was unaware of the incident.