Mum left overwhelmed by disabled daughter Natasha’s valiant efforts

Natasha Lambert, 19, makes it cross the finish line. 'Photo: Habibur Rahman
Natasha Lambert, 19, makes it cross the finish line. 'Photo: Habibur Rahman
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THE MOTHER of a disabled teenager was in tears as she watched her daughter cross the finishing line of the Great South Run 5k.

Brave 19-year-old Natasha Lambert pushed her body to the limit to complete Saturday’s race.

The inspirational teen has cerebral palsy and struggles to walk a few feet unaided.

But she managed to cross the finishing line by herself – straight into the arms of her loving family and friends.

Glowing mum Amanda was overwhelmed with emotion by her girl’s courageous run.

‘I was in tears when she crossed he finish line,’ she said. ‘It’s been absolutely incredible.

‘The crowd has cheered her on all the way. Everybody has just been so supportive.

‘It really kept Natasha going. She wouldn’t have done it without it.

‘For her to achieve this is just amazing. I’m just so proud of her.’

Natasha lives on the Isle of Wight and was the first to set off on the 5k race.

She completed the course in 1hr 41min and was tackling the race to raise cash and awareness for her charity, Miss Isle School of Sip-Puff Sailing.

The group offers disabled young people the chance to sail.

It’s hoped the teen’s weekend efforts will help in a quest to drum-up £5,000 for the charity to help expand its specialised sailing programme.

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INSPIRATIONAL disabled teenager Natasha Lambert has officially started this morning’s Great South Run 5k. The courageous 19-year-old has cerebral palsy and was the first to set off for this year’s spectacle. Accompanied by proud mum, Amanda and friend Tracey Clarke, Natasha aims to complete her race in a couple of hours. Walking wth the help of a mobile strider, the Isle of Wight teen was cheered by spectactors as she took her first tentative steps on to the course. Glowing mum Amanda was inspired by her daughter’s efforts. She said: ‘The start was absolutely incredible. Tash has been nervous about today as it’s her first race. So there a lot of pressure to perform. ‘But if she is going to do something she will make sure she will succeed. She is so determined.’ Natasha hopes to raise £5,000 for disability charity Miss Isle School of Cip-Puff Sailing. She also aims to raise awareness of her condition in hope that more can be done to develop new walkers for other disabled people. Tracey is a trustee of the charity and said: ‘She is uber determined – she has the most determination of anyone that I know.’ The 5k is has kicked-off with hundreds of runners taking part. The News will be bringing you stories throughout this weekend.

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