Mum Michelle wants people to be more aware of autism

FAMILY Michelle Causer with her son Zac, three
FAMILY Michelle Causer with her son Zac, three
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The ignorance of some people towards autism and special needs in young children is disgusting.

In this day and age with so many young children suffering with these conditions, the public need to be more aware of symptoms and learn not to be so judgmental and self-opinionated.

As a single mother of three children it is hard work, but throw into the equation a boy who is lacking severely in social and communication skills and in the pipeline of a full autistic diagnosis this makes life harder.

The simple things in life such as going shopping and eating out in public becomes twice as hard as a normal family. When you have to face people and their own opinions and they make this known with their tutting and raised eyebrows, and at the worst comments such as ‘if that was my child he would get a punch in the face’, makes me want to stay in and never take my three-year-old son out.

How unfair is this on my son and his siblings?

On a recent shopping visit, even the cashier passed a disgusting comment when asked by a member of public how she puts up with the screaming.

Even if my son was misbehaving and being naughty, these rude and ignorant people should keep such comments to themselves as this is none of their business.

But as my son has special needs and his only way of communicating at this stage is screaming, her comment was completely unacceptable.

People should be made more aware of autism and other such illnesses like it.

I noticed that it’s the young and old who seem to have an opinion on my son’s behaviour. Rarely do people think he has special needs but this should not excuse people’s ignorance and rudeness.