Mum’s thank you after quick-thinking passersby help motorcyclist after serious crash

Charlotte Flew helped Matthew Foreshew after he came off his motorbike
Charlotte Flew helped Matthew Foreshew after he came off his motorbike
  • Stangers rush to help motorcyclist hurt in serious collision
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QUICK-THINKING passers-by who helped to save the life of a motorcyclist have been thanked by his mum.

Charlotte Flew, 21, and two other strangers sprang into action to help 20-year-old Matthew Foreshew as he lay in a pool of blood after being involved in a collision with a car.

Matthew Foreshew, 20, from Cowplain, who was badly injured in a crash

Matthew Foreshew, 20, from Cowplain, who was badly injured in a crash

Matthew’s mum, Debbie Foreshew, says their brave actions helped to save his life.

Matthew is currently at Queen Alexandra Hospital after undergoing surgery on his jaw and collarbone yesterday.

He is now on the mend, but it was touch and go at one point as he stopped breathing shortly after the crash and developed a bleed on the brain.

The exhaust from his bike also tore through his lower leg.

He’s very lucky to be alive

Debbie Foreshew

The collision between his Suzuki motorbike and a Vauxhall Zafiri happened at 3.30pm on Friday in London Road, near the Woodpecker pub in Waterlooville.

Matthew, an agency worker from Cowplain who is hoping to become a Royal Marine, was riding home when the crash happened and he and his bike went flying into the entrance of a residential home car park.

Charlotte, who lives off Tempest Avenue, Waterlooville, and works at the One Stop in Copnor, was driving past when she saw the aftermath of the crash.

She said: ‘I am first-aid trained.

‘I wouldn’t have been able to forgive myself if I had just driven past.

‘I could see there was no-one else with him, but there were people standing around watching.

‘I pulled up and ran over to him.

‘He was not responding and there was lots of blood coming out of his mouth. I could not move him.

‘I looked up and saw the bike under him was leaking fuel. I asked a couple of men to help drag it away.

‘We dragged it away as lightly as we could.’

Charlotte received first aid training while working at Wilkinson in Waterlooville and put it to good use.

‘I know that hearing is one of the last things to go, so I thought if he could hear me talking and saying things were going to be okay, that could make the difference,’ she said.

She said Matthew stopped breathing for a short time just as the paramedics arrived.

Charlotte, who later realised she knew Matthew as they both went to Horndean Technology College, said: ‘I think most people would have jumped in. I think that’s the normal response.

‘It was quite a horrible scene. It was quite horrific.’

Charlotte said her respect was with the paramedics who deal with such incidents every day.

Charlotte used Matthew’s mobile phone to call his dad Chris Foreshew, who lives in Plymouth, who was then able to call Debbie, who rushed to the scene.

Debbie, from Cowplain, has been constantly by Matthew’s bedside in hospital. Doctors told her he would have to be airlifted to Southampton General Hospital because of a bleed on the brain, but the bleed has since shrunk.

She wanted to thank Charlotte and the two men, who included an off-duty police officer and a local worker.

She said: ‘I just want to say thank you.

‘She helped to save his life.

‘I was very pleased she was there.

‘He’s very lucky to be alive. He’s now on the mend hopefully. It’s been absolutely horrendous.’

Debbie said Matthew’s 23-year-old brother Daniel was ‘torn apart’ as his girlfriend Mercedes was in St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester giving birth on the same day.

Police are continuing to investigate the circumstances of the crash.