Mum says Poppy is ‘amazing’ after she saves her life

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A MOTHER whose daughter saved her life following a severe asthma attack has spoken of her pride in the remarkable seven-year-old.

Poppy Connor leapt into action when her mother Amie fell into a coma in the early hours of the morning.

Poppy Connor

Poppy Connor

She quickly took the phone to her next door neighbour, in Forest End, Waterlooville, and explained that her mum was unconscious.

While they dialled 999 Poppy woke her little sisters, got them dressed and calmly explained to them what was happening.

Amie, 26, has such severe asthma that she regularly falls into comas. She is now immune to all asthma drugs and doctors have told her there is nothing else they can do to help her.

Amie said: ‘Over the past four years my asthma has got extremely bad and the doctors have run out of options. I fall into a coma and it’s horrendous. When I go unconscious all my organs shut down.

‘I usually have a warning, everything goes fuzzy, and it gives me chance to phone an ambulance. But the last time it happened I didn’t get that warning and it was Poppy who had to do it.

‘She is amazing. She is so calm and brave that I don’t think she realises it’s not normal for this to happen to your mum. It doesn’t faze her at all. Poppy goes out of her way to calm me down until the paramedics arrive, she talks to me and plays with my hair.’

Amie spent several days in intensive care following the last attack but the stays can sometimes go into weeks. Poppy and her sisters Blossom, four, and Willow, two, are taken care of by their grandmother.

Amie has been the subject of many experiments by doctors who are baffled as to why she no longer responds to treatment.

She said: ‘I’ve been told I’ve got a short life expectancy. I baffle the doctors. Mine gets very upset because he wants to help me.’

The Year Three pupil at Springwood Junior School, in Waterlooville, said: ‘I do get quite scared sometimes when it happens but I fight my fears and just go for it and just do it.

‘This time my sisters were a bit scared and I helped them.’

Poppy said she wants to work for the ambulance service when she is older to help her mum out.