Mum vents anger over irresponsible pet dog owners

Zoe Jones and her dog Jack with (left to right), Finlee Tierney (eight), and brothers Matthew Jones (seven), and Jordan Jones (10).''Picture Ian Hargreaves  (14292-2)
Zoe Jones and her dog Jack with (left to right), Finlee Tierney (eight), and brothers Matthew Jones (seven), and Jordan Jones (10).''Picture Ian Hargreaves (14292-2)

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A MOTHER of two school boys has taken the fight against dog fouling into her own hands.

Zoe Jones, of Hillmead Gardens, Bedhampton, says she is fed up of having to run the gauntlet of disgusting mess on the way to take her sons Jordan and Matthew to Bidbury Junior School.

A dog owner herself, she has decided to shame responsible pooch owners into thinking twice before walking off without clearing up.

She contacted schools across Bedhampton asking them to encourage the children to design posters which will be put up around the area warning people not to let their dogs foul the pavement.

Mrs Jones, 28, said: ‘It’s been really bad for a good couple of months now.

‘You have to dodge the poo on the way to school and it’s disgusting.

‘My little boy made a comment the other day which shows you how bad it is. He asked if, from now on, we could drive to school instead.

‘I hate having to take the kids to walk through it every day to school. There is a major problem with not having enough dog poo bins.

‘And I understand that dog owners don’t want to carry it around with them but I’ve got two dogs and I do it. So should they.’

But Havant Borough Council says that although it got rid of a lot of dog bins several years ago, wrapped dog mess can be put in any one of 150 litter bins.

They are emptied every three days in the winter and every other day in the summer. Bags can also be placed in domestic waste bins.

Mrs Jones added: ‘I would never consider leaving my dogs’ mess. It’s gross and our children are the ones that end up walking in it.

‘The schools are going to put up the children’s posters to raise awareness.

‘It will also educate the young children who are going to grow up and have their own animals. I don’t think any of us should look at this as normal behaviour.’

If you get caught leaving your dog’s mess behind you risk getting a fixed penalty notice.

In Havant that means a fine of up to £75. That is reduced to £50 if it’s paid within 10 days. If the fine isn’t paid it could end up in a prosecution and a fine of £2,500.

Anyone who spots someone regularly failing to clean up after their dog should call (023) 9244 6019 with descriptions and times of when the person can be expected.