Museum partners up with 19th century ship

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THE National Museum of the Royal Navy has signed an official affiliation with HMS Unicorn in Dundee to preserve the ship.

The Portsmouth-based museum is linking up with iconic naval vessels from around the UK to strengthen its aim of being a national organisation.

The deal with Unicorn follows last year’s affiliation with the frigate HMS Trincomalee, a heritage favourite in Hartlepool. The museum also took over running HMS Caroline in Belfast earlier this month.

Dr Dominic Tweddle, Director-General of the National Museum of the Royal Navy, called Unicorn a ‘historic ship of national importance’, adding: ‘The story of the Royal Navy, its ships and its people can now be told on a national scale.’

Unicorn, a wooden ship launched in 1824, is the world’s last floating warship from the days of sail and one of the six oldest ships in the world.