Music is a gift from composers, and God

Last Night of the Proms at Waterlooville Music Festival, in 2016. The festival begins again on June 10
Last Night of the Proms at Waterlooville Music Festival, in 2016. The festival begins again on June 10
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RADIOS waking you up…CDs playing in the car…Groups performing in theatres…Parties marking big events….Choirs singing in Churches…Bands marching through the streets…

Music fills our lives.

It surrounds us, it encourages us, it soothes us, it motivates us, it heals us, it prods us, and of course, it stimulates our memories.

How often do you hear a particular song or piece of music and instantly you’re drawn back to when you heard it for the first time – where you were, who you were with, what you were doing?

Music is a gift to us from the composers and the performers – it’s also a gift to us from God.

Not only do we, as humans, have the skills to write and play music, we have the ability to listen and appreciate music as well.

One way to express our thanks to musicians and to God is to hold a music festival.

Lots of towns and villages across the country do this.

They provide opportunities to appreciate the music we love, but they can also allow us to hear different styles music which may be new, different or even challenging.

The Waterlooville Music Festival is now in its twelfth year, bringing quality music into the town and showcasing local musicians.

During the week starting on June 10, the Festival will feature ukulele bands, choirs, brass bands, guitar orchestras, folk groups, tribute concerts and music performed by schoolchildren.

There will also be drumming and handbell workshops for children and adults.

With outdoor concerts throughout Waterlooville town centre on the first day and music throughout each day in St George’s Church, it truly will be a Festival of Music.

What a great way to say ‘thank-you’ to those who write music and those who perform it – it’s also a ‘thank-you’ to God for his gifts to us.

Waterlooville Music Festival is hosted by St George’s Church and Waterlooville Business Association.

It runs from June 10 to June 18.

For programme details or to buy tickets, visit

n ST GEORGE’S CHURCH, St George’s Walk, Waterlooville.

Sunday services are at 8am for Eucharist and 10am for Parish Eucharist.

For more information go to

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