Music project to get a taste of life in India

ALL SET Lindsay Jobling from Sounds of Steel in rehearsal for Panjazz
ALL SET Lindsay Jobling from Sounds of Steel in rehearsal for Panjazz
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AN AMBITIOUS musical project is aiming to bring performers from three continents together next month.

Panjazz International, based at Portchester Community School, will be uniting musicians from across Fareham borough with others from South Africa and India.

They will be taking 26 people, aged from six to 50, to Calcutta, where they will all be meeting face-to-face for the first time.

The project has been working mostly with people from disadvantaged areas such as the townships and slums. And through the music, they hope to get youngsters involved in proper schooling and healthcare.

Peter Beadell, director of Panjazz International, said: ‘Music really does offer a voice to people that the governments would rather forget.

‘When you go to India the street children might know the occasional word of English, but music is the thing that can bridge the gap, and I know it sounds cliched, but that’s what we’re hoping to achieve and bring everyone together.

‘It’s about people really understanding that music is an international language.

‘We’ve tried to work alongside established organisations, to offer music as therapy, and at times it can be particularly educational.’

They are ultimately working towards a series of performances to mark the London 2012 Olympics.

To launch the project there is a concert at Ferneham Hall in Fareham tomorrow from 7.30pm.

Tickets cost £7 on the door.