Musical tribute to murdered girl

Woman taken to hospital after ‘jumping in front of a car’ in Gosport

A young musician has written a song in tribute to a murdered young woman.

Havant teenager Tom Bertram, who turned to music after beating a drug addiction that caused a near-fatal heart attack, has dedicated his song Bring Her Home to Canadian fan Hilary Bonnell.

The 16-year-old went missing after a house party in September 2009. A few months later her family were devastated to learn she had been murdered.

Tom, 19, read her tragic story and decided to help the family and penned a song, which includes the lyrics: 'Bring her home, to where she belongs. We can take away the tears and the uncertain fears.'

He said: 'I have a lot of fans in America and Canada and one day I saw an appeal on Facebook for a girl who had gone missing.

'The family are from Canada and it really struck me because I was thinking about her family and how they might be feeling. It made me think about what my family had to go through with me when I was in hospital.

'I wanted to help, but being so far away I didn't know how, then I decided to write a song.'

Tom almost died after bingeing on cocaine and suffering from a heart attack aged 17.

'I always think about what I did to my parents and what they went through with me and punish myself for it, but I want to turn these feelings into positive thoughts and help others,' he said.

'This is my way of returning good feelings to families.'

The single, which is available to buy now has had thousands of hits on YouTube and iTunes.

Tom is hoping to embark upon a three-month tour in America from next month and will be performing at the Twilight ItaCon gig in Naples.