My husband jokes I should take my bed along to church!

Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White
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One of the first parish groups I joined was the Young Wives, this enabled me to have an evening out.

In those days most of us did not work, although we would say that raising our children was a full time job.

It gave us a chance to mix together to share our problems and joys. And as a group we were often asked to help in the running of various parish events.

As I had been a secretary I was invited to type the monthly magazine for the parish and shortly after became parish secretary,

I thoroughly enjoyed the job which brought me into contact with parishioners and the wider community.

Our diocese is linked with Bamenda in Cameroon, West Africa and I became the secretary to the Bamenda Committee which I have held for 30 years and still enjoy helping to raise funds and awareness for Bamenda. The link is celebrating its 40th anniversary next year.

After retirement, I thought I might take things easy, but I have always been a doer. I am still very much involved with the church activities. I take an active part in organising the annual Women’s World Day of Prayer service, which embraces all the churches in Waterlooville and Cowplain.

I still help plan the yearly programme for The Wives Group – after 40 years we can hardly call ourselves the Young Wives!

The church is so much a part of my life I cannot separate it from my day to day existence, and my husband frequently jokes I should take my bed along!

Outside the parish I volunteer at The Rowans Hospice arranging flowers and helping out at their various events.

I have been hosting a World’s Biggest MacMillan Coffee Morning for 20 years.