My selfless act of kindness in Wilkinsons

GOOD DEED Sara Pollard paid for a woman's shopping in Wilkinsons in Fareham       Picture: Laura Scottorn
GOOD DEED Sara Pollard paid for a woman's shopping in Wilkinsons in Fareham Picture: Laura Scottorn
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This week has been a challenging one here at Free From Temptation.

We are having countless housing troubles which are being constantly hindered because I work from home.

Along with this we’ve had a school sickness bug, that left me feeling the need to wear my famous Wonder Woman outfit just to get by during my time off work!

By last Friday I had given up the will to live, let alone succumb to whatever delight was hiding around the next corner.

That afternoon I popped into Wilkinsons Fareham, to do some retail therapy and pick up a last-minute present for a friend’s son.

When I reached the till there was a lovely lady in a mobility scooter chatting at the tills, the time came to pay for her goods, lo and behold the card machine just wouldn’t work, despite swiping and stabbing at the keys it clearly wasn’t going to be approved.

At this point a few people were queuing and staring at the poor lady, who was clearly getting flustered.

I can’t tell you what exactly went through my head, but I simply stepped forward and said: ‘It’s ok, how about I get this?’

Now, I don’t know who was more surprised – the lovely little old lady, the shop assistant, or me.

The whole shop floor went quiet for a second and I chirped up ‘Hey, it can be my good deed for the day, seriously, it would be my pleasure.

‘Let me get this’ and without further hesitation she did, with relief.

When I walked out the shop I felt empowered and amazingly better than I had before I went in.

I speak of selfless acts of kindness all the time and I try to always be the first to do something for somebody but that’s purely because I treat people in a way of which I wish to be treated myself.

I believe in karma, so – in my opinion ‘what goes around comes around’.

That evening when I went to play bingo with my friends we won £120 between us.

So karma must have been on my side that evening!

Have a good week everyone, and see if you can find opportunities to offer a selfless act of kindness yourself too.