Mystery artist '˜vanished into fog' after '˜scratching' dancing woman into sand in Portsmouth

THIS artwork was drawn into sand by a mystery artist who vanished into the fog.

Thursday, 26th January 2017, 6:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th January 2017, 6:58 pm
Sydney Kerens spotted a mystery artist drawing this image in the sand in Portsmouth

Sydney Kerens was out at Southsea seafront near the city’s naval memorial at Southsea Common when he spotted the artist on all fours with a stick.

‘It was taken about nine days ago along by the naval memorial on a foggy day by an older man who disappeared into the thick fog,’ Sydney said.

‘It was on the beach close to the left of the cafe on the beach.

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‘There was a small patch of fine grit or sand there.

‘The man was on all fours with a small stick, which he (used to) scratch out the drawing.

‘It was about 4ft head to toe.’

Sydney has to turned to readers of The News to try and find out who drew the dancing woman.

• Do you know the artist or did you draw the dancing woman? Email [email protected]